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Following is the list of programs based on the search criteria. Click any program name to view details or to apply.
You searched for Outgoing programs within Summer term, having (*Type of Experience equal to 'Study' and having Area(s) of Study equal to 'agribusiness' or 'agricultural economics' or 'agricultural education and extension' or 'agricultural education and studies' or 'agricultural science' or 'agriculture' or 'agronomy' or 'animal nutrition' or 'animal science' or 'biological sciences' or 'biology' or 'botany' or 'crop production' or 'dairy science' or 'dietetics' or 'ecology' or 'environment' or 'environmental science' or 'environmental science and management' or 'environmental science engineering' or 'equine management' or 'farm mechanization' or 'food' or 'food science' or 'forest management' or 'forestry' or 'horticulture' or 'microbiology' or 'organic farming' or 'wildlife' or 'zoology' and having Study Abroad Program Type equal to 'Direct' or 'Exchange'), sorted by Program Region in ascending order.
Program search results
Program search results
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South Africa: Semester/Summer at Stellenbosch University (AIFS) Stellenbosch South Africa Africa
Botswana: Semester/Summer at University of Botswana (CIEE) Gaborone Botswana Africa
Tanzania: Semester/Summer in the Serengeti with School for Field Studies Moyo Hill Camp Tanzania Africa
Kenya: Semester/Summer in the Savannah with School for Field Studies Kimana Kenya Africa
Ghana: Semester/Summer at University of Ghana (CIEE) Legon Ghana Africa
South Korea: Semester/Summer/Winter in Seoul, South Korea (TEAN) Seoul South Korea Asia
Bhutan: Semester/Summer in the Himalayas with School for Field Studies Paro Bhutan Asia
Cambodia: Semester/Summer in the Jungles with School for Field Studies Siem Reap Cambodia Asia
Hong Kong: Semester/Summer at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Engineering or Science/Math) (Exchange) Hong Kong China Asia
Hong Kong: Semester/Summer at Hong Kong Baptist University (Exchange) Hong Kong China Asia
Turks and Caicos: Semester/Summer in the Caribbean with School for Field Studies South Caicos Turks and Caicos Islands Caribbean
Wildlife Rehabilitation in Guatemala Flores Guatemala Central America
Panama: Semester/Summer in the Tropics with School for Field Studies Bocas del Toro Panama Central America
Costa Rica: Semester/Summer in the Central Valley with School for Field Studies Atenas Costa Rica Central America
Costa Rica: Semester/Summer in San Jose at Veritas University (AIFS) San Jose Costa Rica Central America
England: Semester/Summer in London with Arcadia (Internship option) London United Kingdom Europe
Spain: Semester/Summer in Seville (ISA) Seville Spain Europe
American Farm School - Perrotis College - Thessaloniki, Greece (CALS Program) Thessaloniki Greece Europe
Ireland: Semester/Summer in at University College Cork Cork Ireland Europe
England: Semester/Summer at University of Exeter (Exchange) Exeter United Kingdom Europe
UniLaSalle, Beauvais, France (College of Ag & Life Science) Exchange (Exchange) Beauvais France Europe
Denmark: Semester/Summer in Copenhagen with DIS Copenhagen Denmark Europe
Sweden: Semester/Summer in Stockholm with DIS Stockholm Sweden Europe
France Agro3 (College of Ag & Life Sciences Exchange) (Exchange) Lyon France Europe
Australia: Semester/Summer at University of Sydney Sydney Australia Oceania
Australia: Semester at University of Newcastle (Exchange) Newcastle Australia Oceania
Australia: Semester/Summer in the Rainforests with School for Field Studies Atherton Tablelands Australia Oceania
Australia: Tropical Marine Biology (TEAN) Perth Australia Oceania
Chile: Semester/Summer in Patagonia with School for Field Studies Puerto Natales Chile South America
Argentina: Semester/Summer in Buenos Aires (CEA CAPA) Buenos Aires Argentina South America