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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I do abroad?

  • Take classes in your major or minor
  • Ful­fill your Des­ig­nated Area of Con­cen­tra­tion requirements
  • Learn a language
  • Take electives
  • Do an intern­ship or service-learning
  • Chal­lenge your­self, gain inde­pen­dence, and enhance your job prospects
  • Make friends and cre­ate net­work­ing con­nec­tions around the world
  • Expand your worldview

What if I don’t know another language?

  • Take lan­guage courses abroad
  • Take courses taught in English
  • Go to an English-speaking country

How do I decide?

  • Fig­ure out what you want to gain from the expe­ri­ence
    • adven­ture
    • cer­tain courses
    • short-term ver­sus longer stay abroad
    • service/internship
  • Talk with a peer advi­sor
  • Talk with a study abroad advi­sor

Once I’ve decided to go, then what?

How do I Get Started? The Study Abroad Application Process Applying for a Passport Sample Applications How to Request a Letter of Recommendation Frequently Asked Questions