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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Cordoba, Spain; Granada, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Sevilla, Spain; Toledo, Spain; various, Morocco
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Budget Sheets: Summer
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Fact Sheet:
Study Abroad Adviser: Guthrie, Nancy Program Director: Ladner, Erik, Taoutel, Jean-Pierre
Housing Options: Hotel/Tourist Lodging Cumulative GPA: 2.5
Language of Instruction: English Host Country Language: Arabic, French, Spanish
Online Course Catalog Available: No Sponsor: Iowa State
ISU Course: INT ST 395B Program Type: Direct
Program Description:
 Andalucia: The Golden Age of Al-Andalus and Intersections of Cultures in Southern Spain and Morocco
(If you would like to submit an application after the March 20 deadline, please contact one of the two program directors. Late applications will be considered)

Travel in Southern Spain and Morocco to explore the fusion of Islamic, Jewish, and Christian cultures and religions - la Convivencia - in Andalucia, Spain during the Golden Age of Al-Andalus. Cross the Mediterranean to experience the Arabic culture in Tangier, Morocco.  

                                                      *Program Dates: May 10-30, 2018*

Location: Spain: Granada, Madrid, Sevilla, Toledo, Cordoba; Morocco: Tangier

Academics: Earn 3 credits of International Studies 395A.

This is a new LAS Global Seminar in May 2018!

New location for 2018! The language of instruction of the program is English. If you are learning Spanish, French and/or Arabic, you will have the opportunity to practice your language skills in Spain and/or in Morocco. The predominant languages are Spanish in Madrid, Sevilla, Cordoba, Toledo, and Granada, and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and French in Morocco. No previous French, Arabic or Spanish required, but always welcome!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. Ibn Battuta (1304-1368) Moroccan scholar and explorer


Tangiers Souk

Program Description

In today’s time, we hear many discourses about the “clash of civilizations”. This course intends to explore the intermingling of cultures and examine how Muslim, Jewish, and Christian heritages impacted Spanish culture. It will also examine the modern relationship between Spain and Morocco and will allow students to observe and compare the shared cultural heritage between these two countries despite the divides in language and religion.
The seminar, offered to students of all majors, will broaden your knowledge of Spanish history - beginning with the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711 to the Reconquista, and your acquaintance with Andalucía’s unique and hybrid culture, a model of mixture of traditions, intercultural exchange, religious tolerance, and coexistence known as “la Convivencia”.

During this three-week, three-credit program, you will:

Enhance your knowledge about the golden age of the Arabic culture in Southern Spain and its contribution to science, philosophy, history, art, and literature.

Learn about the history of the coexistence of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths in the Middle Ages and reflect on the intermingling of cultures.

Understand current immigration issues and border politics.

Gain an international perspective through participation in study abroad program. This program will also provide an opportunity for students of Arabic and Spanish to visit an area related to their study interests.

Visit two continents (Europe and Africa) by crossing the straight of Gibraltar by boat. A memorable experience!

Tangiers from the Sea

Sites Visits

  • Cathedral of Toledo
  • The Alcazar
  • The Mezquita of Toledo
  • Medieval old quarter
  • The Jesuits Church


  • The famous Mezquita of Cordoba (largest Mesquita in Europe)
  • The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos
  • The Synagogue and the Casa de Sefarade (Jewish Museum)
  • Old quarter of Cordoba famous for its white washed houses
  • The Mercado Victoria


  • The famous Alhambra and Generalife gardens                                                                   
  • The Cathedral of Granada
  • The Royal Chapel  
  • The “Albaicín”, the Arab neighborhood


  • The Cathedral of Sevilla
  • The Giralda
  • The Plaza de España
  • The Real Alcázar
  • The Metropol Parasol


  • Plaza Mayor
  • Plaza del Sol
  • Palacio Real


  • The old Medina
  • Kasbah Museum
  • Tomb of Ibn Battuta
  • The Phoenician tombs
  • The modern city

* You will also have the opportunity to visit many other major sites in the visited cities. Explore the Rutas de Tapas in the evening in Spain and enjoy a delicious dish of Couscous in Tangier!

Program fee (estimated cost): $2750

What is included in the program fee?
- Lodging in Hotels or Hostels in Spain and Morocco
- All transportation in Spain and Morocco (train, bus, ferry)
- Health and emergency insurance
- Entrance fees to all visited sites 

What is NOT included in the program fee?
- Airfare (check out reasonable prices by purchasing your ticket ahead of time)
- Tuition for 3 credits. All participants receive $750 tuition award for 3 credits (summer only).
- Personal expenses (other meals, incidentals, passport) 

We recommend to purchase an International student ID ($25) to receive discounted prices in Spain and Morocco.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: most scholarships and financial aid apply. Talk with your scholarship administrator or representatives from the Financial Aid Office. In general, financial aid received to attend the Iowa State University may be applied toward the cost of studying abroad. Aid eligibility is adjusted to reflect the total cost of participating in the program. In addition, students are encouraged to apply for need- and merit-based scholarships awarded by their college and the Study Abroad Center. (See Affording to Go on the Study Abroad Center website)

Who is eligible? Undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and colleges are welcome. There are no language prerequisites. English is the language of instruction.

  Consuegra Wind Mill

 Tangier Kasbah Wall

Alhambra Tower

For more information contact the program directors:

Jean-Pierre Taoutel, Program Director
2239 Pearson hall***

***feel free to stop by my office in 2239 Pearson Hall for a cup of tea and a chat about the program.

Erik Ladner, Program Director
2114 Pearson hall


Lonely Planet Guide
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Fact Book


This program is currently not accepting applications.