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Following is the list of programs based on the search criteria. Click any program name to view details or to apply.
You searched for Study Abroad programs within any term, that have the word(s) Internship in the program name, sorted by Program Country in ascending order.
Program search results
Program search results
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A Semester/Summer in Australia (Internship Program (not for credit) with Education Abroad Network) Brisbane Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Canberra Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Melbourne Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Newcastle Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Perth Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
various Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
A Semester in Sydney, Australia (International College of Management /ICMS with possible Internship with TEAN) Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
EUSA Internship in Prague (9 week, 256 hours) Prague Czech Republic Europe
Ecole Nationale Veterinaire d'Alfort Internship Exchange (Exchange) Maisons-Alfort France Europe
Community Dietetics Internship Rotation in Rural Ghana Accra Ghana Africa
Asesewa Ghana Africa
Legon Ghana Africa
Dharwad India Asia
A Summer Global Internship in Mumbai, India (with CIEE) Mumbai India Asia
EUSA Internship in Dublin (8 week, 224-hours) Dublin Ireland Europe
EUSA Internship in Dublin (11 week, 400 hours) Dublin Ireland Europe
A Semester/Summer in Dublin, Ireland (Dublin Parliamentary Internship with Arcadia University) Dublin Ireland Europe
SRAS Report from Abroad Internship: Bishkek Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Asia
SRAS NGO and Cultural Internship: Bishkek Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Asia
Kaya Responsible Travel - Global Volunteering and Internships (generally not for transfer credit) multiple multiple multiple
Summer Internship at the University of Lleida, Spain (Exchange) Catalunya Spain Europe
Lleida Spain Europe
Summer Chinese Immersion/Internship at NCU-Taiwan (Exchange) Taoyuan Taiwan Asia
SRAS NGO and Cultural Internship: Kiev Kiev Ukraine Europe
SRAS Report from Abroad Internship: Kiev Kiev Ukraine Europe
A Semester in Scotland - University of Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
A Semester/Summer in London, England (London Internship Program with Arcadia University) London United Kingdom Europe
A Summer in Edinburgh, Scotland (Museum Studies Internship with Arcadia University) Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe