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Student Airfare Discounts
Discounts available for STATravel and
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It Pays to Study Abroad
Huffington Post blog spells out the case for studying abroad.
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Vaccination Alert for Travelers to Africa & South America
ISU’s Thielen Student Health Travel Clinic does not have the current supply of the Yellow Fever Vaccination, Stamaril. The clinic will still provide all other consultations and vaccinations for ISU students, but students should be aware that they will need to go to another location to obtain the Yellow Fever Vaccination. Please see the following link to the CDC for current Stamaril provider. McFarland Clinic- Travel is the closest location for ISU students, but please note they charge students both for the office visit and for the vaccination. Polk County appears to be a less expensive option at this time as they only charge for the vaccination, which is $175.