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Announcements : Student Airfare Discounts

Announcement: Student Airfare Discounts

Discounts available for STATravel and


STATravel is offering $25 off eligible student airfare with a pre-discount cost of at least $250 including taxes and fees.  Make sure to use promo code Campus1 when booking your flight at or by calling 800-481-6120.  For more details on the promo, see is offer a $20 airfare discount to all ISU students.  To book your flight, go to the Iowa State Student Universe site.  Make sure to enter the promo code NEWFOR20 on the billing info page to obtain the discount.   
The following rules apply to the discount: 
  • must be a new StudentUnvierse customer
  • only one use per user
  • valid for international round trip tickets only
  • trip duration must be at least 4 weeks

If you have problems with the above promo codes, please e-mail Danette Bontager at your name and ISU e-mail address.   Danette will then work with the vendor to resolve the matter.