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International Health Insurance and Emergency Service

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) is an international health and emergency services plan for Iowa State University international travel.  It is not intended for use in the United States or to replace your current U.S. coverage. 
Please note that this coverage does not include trip cancellation, trip interruption, or delayed baggage insurance.  
Undergraduate International Travel:  All undergraduate students who travel abroad in association with ISU programs (e.g., student orgs, independent study, internships, research, etc.) MUST purchase this plan for the period of time they are out of the country.  Study abroad students are automatically enrolled.  The cost is either included in the program fee or charged separately depending on the program.   
SSHIP Exemption:  If you have Student and Scholars Health Insurance Program (SSHIP) and you are traveling independently for academic purposes, you may contact for an exemption to the CISI requirement.  All undergraduate international travel must be registered.  
University International Business Travel:  CISI is strongly recommended to ISU international business travelers (faculty, staff, grad students, postdocs, etc.) as it provides important health and emergency services beyond what is in the traveler's domestic health plan.  For more information, please see the CISI program information section below.   The cost of CISI is centrally funded for university business travel.    
Consulate Letter:  Upon enrollment, CISI will send you a consulate letter.  If you require a letter for visa purposes before you receive your enrollment packet, you may contact to request one.  For more information on visa requirements for U.S. citizens traveling abroad, see:

CISI program information

Enroll in CISI through links below:

 I am an Iowa State University UNDERGRADUATE student who will be traveling to an international destination.
I am an Iowa State University GRADUATE student who will be traveling to an international destination.
I am an Iowa State University GRADUATE ASSISTANT OR POSTDOC who will be traveling to an international destination.
I am an Iowa State University FACULTY OR STAFF member who will be traveling to an international destination. 
I am a DEPENDENT (spouse/partner/child) of an Iowa State University faculty or staff member who will be accompanying the faculty or staff member and traveling to an international destination.
If you have questions about health insurance enrollment that are not covered in the FAQs or if you are having trouble enrolling, please contact  
Study Abroad / Student Enrollments
(including study abroad program leaders)
Faculty/Staff Access+ Enrollments
(not incl. study abroad program leaders)
Study Abroad Center
Attn: Danette Bontrager
3224 Memorial Union
Ames, IA 50011-1130
515-294-7724 fax
Office of Risk Management
Attn: Dawn Hitsman
3618 ASB
Ames, IA 50011-3618
515-294-3105 fax