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Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2020 03/15/2020 03/16/2020 05/28/2020 07/30/2020
NOTE: Summer Session I: May 28-June 26, 2020 Summer Session II: July 2-July 30, 2020
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Study Abroad Adviser: Cruz, Peter Click here for a definition of this term Program Director: Cruz, Peter
Housing Options: Apartment/Flat, Homestay Click here for a definition of this term Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.8
Language of Instruction: English Host Country Language: Italian
Click here for a definition of this term Sponsor: Iowa State Click here for a definition of this term ISU Course: INTED
Program Description:


A Summer in Italy: Lorenzo de' Medici (Florence, Rome, Tuscania)

Summer programs are available in Florence, Rome, and Tuscania
For Semester programs please see: ISU Semester in Italy: Lorenzo de' Medici

Program Features

ItalyWhy Italy?

Lorenzo de' Medici is one of Italy's leading study abroad institutions, with centers in Florence, Rome, and Tuscania. Lorenzo de' Medici offers approximately 2500 students each year the opportunity to live in the midst of Italian culture and share their study experience with others of different nationalities and has 150 instructors from Italy and around the world.

Classroom-based liberal arts courses supplement traditional teaching methods by using the unrivaled opportunities that each of the locations offers for investigating the historical and cultural heritage of Italy and Europe in galleries, palaces, gardens, churches, and museums.




Florence is Lorenzo de' Medici's oldest and main location and hosts nearly one thousand students per semester. The institution occupies several different historic buildings in one of Florence's central neighborhoods. The broadest range of course offerings is available here.

Lorenzo de' Medici's Rome location is in the historic center of the city near the main train station. The program in Rome is small, hosting no more than fifty students in a given term, so students receive superior personal attention.

Lorenzo de' Medici provides a truly unique experience in Tuscania. Like the Rome program, the program in Tuscania is small, hosting no more than fifty students in a given term, so students receive superior personal attention. Tuscania is an original hill town from the medieval age and is quiet, authentic, and off the beaten path. Lorenzo de' Medici has built a new state-of-the-art facility in Tuscania within the ancient walls of the old city.

The Archaeological Field School:
In summer, Tuscania is host to the world renowned archaeological field school. The field school takes place during Summer Session 2. No prerequisites and no experience of archaeology or knowledge of Italian are needed. The principal qualifications include a strong academic record, a desire to learn more about archaeology and the Etruscan civilization, and an enthusiasm to dig.

Participants must bear in mind that the archaeological field school of Tuscania is a full-time workshop within a professional archaeological research project that includes a five day per week involvement including lessons, archaeological field activities and visits. Participants have Saturdays and Sundays off. The schedule includes a lot of fieldwork and walking during field trips. While at the archaeological site, fieldwork requires digging, stooping, bending and exposure to sun, wind and/or rain. This field school is not recommended to participants with allergies to sun and/or dust.

For more information on the field school, please see: Field School Brochure Summer 2016 Tuscania.pdf, or visit this link.



ItalyWhat courses?

Lorenzo de' Medici offers over 400 courses in the following areas: Anthropology; History of Architecture; Art History; Baking and Pastry; International Business; Classical Studies; Cultural Studies; Communications; Geography and Environmental Studies; Fashion Design; Film, Video, and Multimedia Production; Gender Studies; Graphic Arts; History; Italian Culinary Arts; Interior Design; Italian Language and Culture; Jewelry; Literature; Mathematics; Mediterranean Culinary Arts; Music, Cinema, and Theatre Studies; Nutrition and Health; Painting, Drawing, and Mixed Media; Performing Arts; Photography; Philosophy and Religious Studies; Political Science and International Studies; Printmaking; Psychology; Restoration; Sculpture and Ceramics; Sociology; Wine Appreciation; Writing. Course offerings differ by location. 

ISU registration for the term is a full-time placeholder registration listed as INTED.
For ISU study abroad programs at partner institutions abroad, courses offered for credit are automatically transferred to ISU. Transfer courses are usually listed at ISU with a general ending such as 100, 200, 300, or 400. To determine how these transfer courses are applied to specific degree requirements in your major/minor, speak with your academic advisor. Should you need further assistance or approval from your college regarding any transfer credit issue, contact your academic advisor. 


Course Catalogue (course descriptions)

Course schedules

Course transfer to ISU
Students enroll in 3 - 6 credtis at LdM for a summer session. Students may enroll in mulitiple summer sessions (there are 3 sessions). Courses transfer as the same credit amount as they are at LdM. In other words, a 3-credit course transfers to ISU as a 3-credit course. Courses transfer in to ISU at the level they are at LdM. In other words, a 300-level course transfer into your ISU record as a 300-level course. When the transfered courses are listed on your ISU record, they are indicated by subject area, but they are electives with a -x00 ending. Your academic advisor will help you determine how individual courses count toward your requirements at ISU.

Language requirement
Classes are taught in English. Students attending Lorenzo de' Medici do not need to know any Italian language. Students attending during any summer term are not required to take Italian language.


Cost and Scholarships

ItalyWhat will it cost?

The ISU Program Fee for Summer 2018 in Florence is $3600 for 3 credits and $4800 for 6 credits. Other program locations differ in cost. Please see the budget sheet. The ISU Program Fee for all Lorenzo de' Medici programs includes tuition, fees, housing, and ISU's CISI health insurance. The ISU Program Fee does not include airfare, food, and all other additional expenses.

The ISU Program Fee is charged to students' ISU bill. The ISU Program Fee is assessed in 2 fees indicated as "qualified" and "other." "Qualified" figures are automatically added to the 1098T tax form that appears on students AccessPlus accounts. "Other" includes all other fees.

Click the "budget sheets" tab above for more details.

Please be aware that in this program, withdrawing from the program involves the following penalties assessed by LdM (in addition to the standard ISU withdrawal penalties). Students should ensure that they are in "Committed" status in ISUAbroad by these dates. Withdrawal after the following dates results in penalties in excess of $1000:

Summer Applicants:
June – April 14
July – May 14
August – June 30
In addition, housing withdrawal penalties begin at a $300 penalty at 45 days prior to the program start date and increase through time to the program start date.

Scholarships are available here.



ItalyWhere will I live?

Shared student apartments are available and typically house between 2 and 8 students. Apartments are furnished and include kitchens. Single bedrooms are available. All housing facilities are within walking distance to Lorenzo de' Medici's buildings.

LdM Housing Additional Information

Check out  this video for an inside look at LdM Housing.


Dates and Contacts


Summer 2020: 

   SESSION 1: May 28-June 26
   SESSION 2: July 2-July 30


How to Apply

What else?

About LdM Florence to see more information about LdM's Campus Life, Housing, Extracurriculars and helpful Brochures.

Pre-departure Guides
(Important note when booking flights for Florence; arrival at check in must be by 4:30 PM.)


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