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Semester Programs

There are many options for studying abroad for a full semester (or whole year!). There are three kinds of semester programs: exchange, direct, and those taught by ISU. Note: Most if not all programs available for a fall or spring are also available for a full year.

Exchange: pay typical ISU tuition and fees for the semester. Earn transfer credit.
Direct: all students pay the same price for the tuition. Costs for tuition can really range for direct programs, though there are some programs with costs lower than tuition at ISU. Earn transfer credit.
Taught by ISU: Classes taught in part or fully by ISU professors, earn all or partial ISU credit.

Summer Faculty-Led and May Travel Programs

If you’d like to travel with other ISU student, be taught by an ISU professor, and earn ISU credit in the summer, you may be interested in a May Travel program or a Summer faculty-led program.

On May travel programs, you will be registered for the spring semester and travel on the program in the month of May. For summer faculty-led programs, you may have to take a class the semester before departing, but these programs will be offered at different times of the summer and vary in length. You also may be assessed ISU summer tuition. Be sure to look at the budget sheet on the brochure page for the program carefully.


Additional Summer

There are other summer study abroad opportunities through ISU's study abroad partners. These programs can range in length and the type of classes available. Typically the programs will last between 4 to 8 weeks. These programs are the perfect opportunity to take classes towards your major, or learn a new language (like taking Korean in Seoul for example), or take classes you may not be able to here at ISU (perhaps a class on the history of Ireland or ecology of Australian rainforests)! On these programs you'll earn transfer credit.

Summer study abroad programs in:

Semester Breaks

Study abroad during one of ISU's semester breaks. There are programs offered over Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break. Most of these programs will be faculty-led programs. On faculty-led programs, you’ll travel with other ISU students, be taught by an ISU faculty member, and receive ISU credit. Most of these programs will have a class associated with it that you’ll take for the full semester.

Note: there are a few winter break programs that are not faculty-led, so pay close attention to the details of the program.


Internships abroad can help you develop skills for a global workplace. Most internships studying abroad are either an internship you do during the semester alongside classes or are your sole focus during a summer program. Either way, most if not all are unpaid. There are a few exceptions for research internships for Engineering students. But other students should expect to have a program fee for their internship experience. Internships are available in various professional areas, and you don't always have to know the language in order to have one!



Some programs will have opportunities to conduct research, usually in addition to classes. Depending on the program, you may develop your own research topic and methods or you may join in faculty abroad on their research projects. You may even get published!


Service Learning

Service Learning programs