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Types of Programs

Iowa State Programs

These programs include ISU faculty led short-term experiences from one to eight weeks that award ISU credit, and student exchange and "Semester in …" options lasting a semester or academic year.  In most cases the program name will be in bold and will be preceded by "Iowa State".   

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are run by study abroad organizations that work with ISU to provide more options and to allow most of your costs to be placed on your ISU U-bill. You must apply through the affiliate provider and also complete an affiliate application through ISUAbroad. This will ensure that your ISU record will remain active while you are away and that your financial aid can be released to help finance the program. In addition, the affiliate provider may offer special affiliate scholarships or discounts because of its relationship with Iowa State.  Please check with your provider directly about application procedures and possible discounts or scholarships. For affiliate programs, the program name will be in standard type and will be preceded by "Affiliate".

Non-ISU Programs

If your search on ISUAbroad doesn't provide what you're looking for, you can consider enrolling through another U.S. institution or program provider or enrolling directly in a foreign institution.  We call this a non-ISU program.  Iowa State has not reviewed these options, so it is your responsibility to research these programs thoroughly before applying. You apply both through the sponsoring provider and by clicking the button below to create a non-ISU application. Financial aid and registration activation at ISU may still apply. Visit the staff in the Study Abroad Center for more information.

International Credit and Non-Credit Activities

The Office of the Provost requires all ISU related undergraduate travel overseas to be registered.  To register, please click the appropriate link below. 
  • ISU Credit bearing activities (internships, research, independent study): all these experiences must earn direct ISU credit and will incur ISU tuition costs.

  • ISU Non-credit bearing activities (internships, research, volunteer/service experiences)

Additional Program Possibilities

Directories of Non-ISU Study Abroad Programs:
Country-Specific Information and Resources:
If you have any questions about which button to use under the Non-ISU Programs section or the International Credit and Non-Credit Activities section above, contact the Study Abroad Center.
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