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How to Apply for Exchange

To study at Iowa State University for a semester or academic year on exchange, you must be attending one of Iowa State’s exchange partners. You will need to work with your home international office on the process. Students whom are nominated by their home institution will receive further application details from their exchange coordinator at Iowa State. Students must have at minimum a 3.0 GPA to attend Iowa State.


Iowa State University is comprised of different colleges, all of whom do things a little differently. Each exchange to Iowa State is coordinated out of a college or the Study Abroad Center. You will be assigned an exchange coordinator based on which office coordinates your exchange program. Your exchange coordinator will be listed out on the application page for your program. This person will help you with the application process and will be a resource for you prior to arriving.


After you have been nominated, you will be sent a link to your ISUAbroad application or you can find your ISUAbroad application on the full list of incoming exchange applications below, just click the one which coordinates with your home institution.  

Exchange Applications List - Click here to find all the exchange ISUAbroad applications, and to start your own. 

On the ISUAbroad page for your program, you will see a button that says “Apply Now”. After selecting this button, you will asked if you are an ISU user or a non-ISU user. Exchange students are always non-ISU users in ISUAbroad (even after you are admitted, always log in with the email you first logged into ISUAbroad with).

When you're new to ISUAbroad, you will first need to create an account. When entering your name, if your name has a symbol not common in English (examples: ñ, é) please write it without the symbol and write the closest English equivalent. You can then ask your exchange coordinator to update your name to the correct symbol (in the ISUAbroad system, using symbols like this needs to be done by an administrator and not a user).

You will ask to enter your "Home Institution" and "Partner Institution". Please ignore "Home Institution" and enter your home university under the "Partner Institution" part.

August Entry: March 15
January Entry: October 15

Late applications may be considered on a case by case basis. You should contact your home institution and exchange coordinator for more details.

Your application will have multiple requirements to complete. Some require you do additional forms. If you have questions about the application, contact your exchange program coordinator. The other requirements include:

  • Official academic transcript 

  • Evidence of Financial Support
    • For the 2021-2022 Academic Year, exchange students need to show support equaling $8,302 for one semester or $16,604 for the full academic year 
    • You will find more information about what kind documents you can use to show the financial support in your application.

  • If planning on taking graduate level courses – copy of Bachelor’s Diploma
There is also a $40 application fee which will be deferred and placed upon your first U-Bill.

Once you have completed your ISUAbroad application, your application will be reviewed and sent to the Office of Admissions. After your application has been processed, you will receive an acceptance letter and your DS-2019 in the mail. Your application status in ISUAbroad will change to "Accepted". At that time, you can "Commit" to your application in ISUAbroad. You'll then see new information for your to review before arriving at Iowa State.